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Sabina Savage | The Texas Stallion 領巾

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設計於倫敦,製作於義大利 Como。由英國藝術家 Sabina Savage 親手繪製的圖樣,每幅耗時可長達六個星期。完成後的圖樣再由義大利 Como 的職人以精湛的工藝印製於純絲材質上,加以手工收邊完成。

2018秋冬首次推出的領巾系列”The Naturalist’s Handbook”有三款圖樣,分別為The Texas Stallion、The Courgat and Serpent、The Aligator’s Empire。

‘As evening fell, I trod the dusty paths into Texas, passing bones and dead branches at every pass. An American kestrel flew low overhead, ushering in the dusk. I heard the dry grasses rustle beside me, scattering their seed at my feet, and within moments a breathtaking stallion emerged onto the path, closely followed by his herd.’ – AS

Size: 5cm x 85cm

Material: 100% silk / Doubled

Made in Italy

*Dry clean only