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Sabina Savage | The Hare’s Gift 方形絲巾

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設計於倫敦,製作於義大利 Como。由英國藝術家 Sabina Savage 親手繪製的圖樣,每幅耗時可長達六個星期。完成後的圖樣再由義大利 Como 的職人以精湛的工藝印製於純絲材質上,加以手工收邊完成。

除了The Naturalist’s Handbook Collection外,尾巴還帶來了兩款”O, Divina Natura” 90 x 90 公分的純絲方巾。分別為天鵝 圖樣的 Aviarium Maria 和母子兔圖樣 The Hare’s Gift。

The mother hare calmly and quietly sits. She watches over her son as he takes in the new world before him. Swallows flurry and flutter around them, bringing gifts of gold bells and cut flowers for the infant. The stoat and capuchin monkey quietly await their turn to meet the sacred new arrival they have heard so much about.

Size: 90 x 90 cm

Material: 100% silk / Hand rolled edging

Made in Italy

*Dry clean only