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Sabina Savage | The Alligator’s Empire 領巾

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設計於倫敦,製作於義大利 Como。由英國藝術家 Sabina Savage 親手繪製的圖樣,每幅耗時可長達六個星期。完成後的圖樣再由義大利 Como 的職人以精湛的工藝印製於純絲材質上,加以手工收邊完成。

2018秋冬首次推出的領巾系列”The Naturalist’s Handbook”有三款圖樣,這幅描述白鱷魚故事的 The Aligator’s Empire 領巾為 Sabina 為尾巴特別客製化的配色。同系列還有 The Courgat and Serpent,The Texas Stallion。

‘The riverbanks were still and serene. The buzzing of a dragonfly the only sound, until the startled call of the Great Blue Heron. Disguised by the dappled, watery reflections, the albino Alligator had fooled the bird into landing on his back. The river is his empire, and the riverbed a shrine to those who took one wrong step.’ – AS

Size:5cm x 85cm

Material: 100% silk / Doubled

Made in Italy

*Dry clean only