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nicholson & nicholson | MARY 雙面薄襯衫- Black

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*模特身高 164cm,S size,拍攝時穿有膚色內搭(非附屬商品)。


100% Cotton


S – EU38
衣長:約 60cm(正) 65cm(背)
肩寬:約 42cm

M – EU40
衣長:約 60cm(正) 68cm(背)
肩寬:約 62cm

– made in Japan –

Nicholson & Nicholson

“The travel value is called into question as deep-down fashion. We always want to take a position to keep distance from the flow of the dramatic change of fashion by maintaining a new style which has been born through our lives – food, housing and clothing.This idea can be seen in all the processes of our clothes making in selection of materials and designing, pattern-making, sewing. The warmth that material of nature has, and the presence that traditional material gives off are essential for our collection.

We were working on men’s clothes originally and the pattern making which is used for men’s clothes is applied for our women’s clothes. By putting a toile check for each design, a garment can come to appear as precisely as we design. We work together with skilled craftsmen to express a new sense of creativity.”


S – EU38
length: 60cm(F) / 65cm(B)
shoulder length: 60cm

M – EU40
length: 60cm(F) / 68cm(B)
shoulder length: 62cm

– made in Japan –



S, M