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Molli | 扇貝V領針織連身裙

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來自法國的 Molli 針織連身裙,採以 Molli的招牌 Garter Stitch* 織法製成。以摩洛哥式的罩衫為靈感,筆直的剪裁搭以的4/3的袖長,V型的低領綴有Molli特色的扇貝收邊。

– 顏色:奶白色

– 尺寸:S

全長 116~118 cm
肩寬 36.5~38 cm
胸圍: 52~53 cm
袖長: 31~33cm

– 材質:100% Pure extra soft cotton mercerized

– Made in France –

Molli – 創立於1886年,以高級嬰兒針織起家於瑞士。在2015年由法國設計師Charlotte de Fayet開啟了女裝的新章節。

“Haute Couture Finishes: Molli favours “grafted” finishes, which means the panels of fabric are assembled by hand, stitch by stitch. Some pieces are even knitted without seams, an exceptional technique mastered by one of the brand’s workshops in Italy.”