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Marlota | Funnel Collar Silk Blouse

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One Size Only

Model: 164cm

Material: 100% Silk, Professional Cleaning Only

Made in Spain


來自西班牙的 Marlota 畢業於馬德里理工大學,
(Polytechnic School of Madrid,西班牙最好的理工大學
,座右銘為”Ingeniamos el futuro” – 我們設計未來。)
分別於德國應用科學大學(Fachhochschule Trier)

德國 Bauhaus 的實用工業風,

– Marlota。

“Defining my work is difficult,
I do not like labels since they never fit reality:
I prefer to move among nuances:
between idealism and pragmatism, between emotional and intellectual,
rough and delicate.
Duality is always present in what I do,
as reflected by the marriage of masculine jackets and very feminine clothes.

I still have this memory of an old English coat
that I found once when I was 15 and which I kept for years.
Even old, those memories leave a mark.
The emotions are the motor of my work.”

– Marlota

Made in Spain

From the very heart of Madrid,
Marlota stamps the Made in Spain label to each and every piece of clothing.
Defending the local savoir-faire is one of the priorities of
a brand who maintains a very high quality control.

Prototypes are conceived and developed as unique
pieces using traditional tailoring and sewing techniques
without losing the strong and innovative touch that defines Marlota’s style.

Each piece is unique, thanks to the commitment,
implication and knowledge of the people evolved in the creation of the garments.

The conception, materials and manufacturers are part of
a special process that guarantees the quality of the product.
Keeping a close eye on every step of this process is the key to reach these high standards.

Over the years, the values of the brand have settled:
the quest of singular fabrics, to investigate new proposals,
and above all, to take care for every single detail is essential
to maintain the trust of the women who wear Marlota’s clothes.