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jour couture. | tassel. 02 Stud.Clip Earrings

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These tassel earrings with presence and elegance come as earrings or clips. While tassel. 01 can be disassembled, the ear clip design of tassel. 02 is fixed. Exist in both clips and studs type.

*Earring clips contain clear silicon pads to prevent pain. Due to the weight of tassel. 02, the ear clip is designed to be tighter; we do not suggest wearing them for long periods.



Resin Pearl Bead | Brass | 14K Gold-Filled Brass Earring Posts*

*14K Gold-Filled: 1/20 of total weight in gold, highly resistant to wear, resistant to chips and discoloration after extended use, hypoallergenic materia

– Made in Japan –

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Stud, Clip