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Abe Taichi | Floral Dish in Cerulean Glaze

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This handmade and kiln fired dish is perfect for serving one guest.

*Each ceramic piece is handmade and may result in slight differences in color or size.


17cm x 30cm



– Handmade in Japan –

・If dishes are not properly secured when put into dishwashers, water pressure may cause impact and damage.
・High temperature grilling and baking in ovens will cause damage to dishware.
・Not recommended for use in microwaves.
・Dishware crafted with coarse clay possess rougher textures at the bottom; lightly grind with sandpaper before use to avoid damaging table surfaces.
・By nature, earthenware contains many air bubbles that cannot be observed by the naked eye. Allow dishes to dry completely before storing to prevent mold.
・Rinse dishware with drinking water before serving to allow water to fill the microscopic air bubbles. The water will have an isolating effect, ensuring that food tastes better and that residual sauces and smells don’t stain dishware.