La Petite Queue is an online shop project curated by Vvn, Amilus & R.

By interacting with the readers,

we share the exquisite treasures found in our daily lives and voyages.

Everything featured in the store is handpicked by blogger Amilus and Vvn,

a unique eye for our beloved readers who share a similar taste in life.

With love from all over the world ♥



Former Chelsea New York gallerina.

Explorer and researcher of La Petite Queue.

Now based in Hong Kong, but a hard core traveler for sure.

Sweet tooth and camera loving Vvn is also in charge of L.P.Q’s product photography.


Former Paris gallerina in the Marais, now based in Taipei.

La Petite Queue’s wonderful secretary, master of packaging,

and also musical singer and pop-culture maniac.

R. skis in winter and swims in summer,

dances in spring and flies in autumn.

(No she doesn’t walk)


Amilus travels a lot since little.

Raised in Taipei, London, Tokyo and Paris at last.

In Spring 2010, Amilus started her blog in Tokyo

and soon she was invited to become a contribute blogger for VOGUE Japan.

Now based in Paris (but still travels a lot) as a writer, photographer, web designer.